Can autism and mysticism go together?

Autism and mysticism might not be two things that obviously go together – one is often concerned with order, logic, black or white interpretations; the other about the intangible, seemingly irrational, and affairs of the heart.

For me, I don’t feel a contradiction – I’m still heavily obsessive about everything and struggle to understand why things are (or people react) the way they do unless I can rationalise what I observe, but I’ve learned to get more in tune with my heart, and through doing have found that inspiration can come from unexpected quarters.

My spirituality has been particularly informed by two main influences – an opening up to interfaith perspectives (how different scriptures, myths, and even fairy stories often point to the same truths), and a daily practice of meditation, that’s now extended over several years. This deepening of awareness – and getting more in touch with my heart space – is relatively recent, but has helped me see that what others may see as my odd ways of thinking and occasional speaking make me who I am, even if at times they’ve offered a few challenges in navigating the world.